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Taxonomy is derived from work of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group

The database does NOT include legally protected species from the areas in which they are protected.
For more information please contact Dr. Lauren Raz: Curator of the Herbarium.

The newest entries display Mr. SID graphics using the ExpressView browser plug-in available from LizardTech.

Clicking on a latitude in the result list will display a Google map of the collection location; clicking on the longitude will display a map from

NOTE: When specimens are annotated by experts, we update our database to reflect the new determinations. If however, a digital image of a specimen was taken before the new determination was made, we do not rephotograph the specimen. As a result, users may occasionally encounter a discrepancy between the name that appears in the database (for a particular specimen) and the name that is recorded directly on the specimen image. If you discover such a discrepancy, please note that the name in the database is the name that is currently recognized at FTG, while the photograph can be considered a record of the prior annotation history of the specimen.

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