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Actinomorphic Perianth

With radially arranged perianth parts; ray-like figure.Actinomorphic Perianth

Bilabiate Perianth

Two-lipped, with two unequal divisions.Bilabiate Perianth

Calcarate Perianth

Spurred.Calcarate Perianth

Calceolate Perianth

Slipper-shaped, as in the corolla of Cypripedium.Calceolate Perianth

Campanulate Perianth

Bell-shaped; with flaring tube about as broad as long and a flaring limb.Campanulate Perianth

Carinate Perianth

Keeled.Carinate Perianth

Corniculate Perianth

Horned.Corniculate Perianth

Coronate Perianth

Tubular or flaring perianth or staminal outgrowth; petaloid appendage.Coronate Perianth

Cruciate Perianth

Four separate petals in cross form.Cruciate Perianth

Cucullate Perianth

Hooded.Cucullate Perianth

Dichlamydeous Perianth

With two perianth parts, a distinct calyx and corolla.

Galeate Perianth

Helmet-shaped, as one sepal in Aconitum.Galeate Perianth

Gibbous Perianth

Inflated on one side near the base.Gibbous Perianth

Homochlamydeous Perianth

With perianth composed of similar parts, each part a tepal.

Infundibular Perianth

Funnel-shaped.Infundibular Perianth

Ligulate or Ray Perianth

Strap-shaped.Ligulate or Ray Perianth

Papilionaceous Perianth

With large posterior petal (banner or standard) two lateral petals (wings) and usually two connate lower petals (keel); as in the Fabaceae.Papilionaceous Perianth


An aggregation of tepals or combined calyx and corolla.

Perianth and Androecium Position

Classification based on insertion of Floral Parts--Corolla, Calyx, and Androecium--the androperianth.

Perianth Anterior Lobes

The lobes away from axis, toward the subtending bract; abaxial lobes.Perianth Anterior Lobes

Perianth Anterior Ridges, Lines, Grooves

The lines, grooves, ridges in or on the dorsal side, abaxial, within the perianth.Perianth Anterior Ridges, Lines, Grooves

Perianth Base

Bottom or lower portion.Perianth Base

Perianth Beard

A tuft, line or zone of trichomes (hairs).Perianth Beard

Perianth Bristle

A stiff, strong trichome (hair), as in the perianth of some members of the Cyperaceae.Perianth Bristle

Perianth Callosity

A thickened, raised area, which is usually hard; a callus.

Perianth Carina

Keel.Perianth Carina

Perianth Claw

The long, narrow petiole-like base of a sepal or petal.Perianth Claw

Perianth Corona

A crown; any outgrowth between the stamens and corolla which may be petaline or staminal in origin.Perianth Corona

Perianth Dorsal Side

Back or abaxial side, or the lower side of a perianth part.Perianth Dorsal Side

Perianth Faucal Area

The throat area.

Perianth Fringe

The modified margin of a petal, sepal, tepal or lip.Perianth Fringe

Perianth Hood

A cover-shaped perianth part, usually with a turned down margin.Perianth Hood

Perianth Horn

A curved, pointed and hollow protuberance from the perianth.Perianth Horn

Perianth Hypogynium

Perianth-like structure of bony scales subtending the ovary, as in Scleria and other members of the Cyperaceae.Perianth Hypogynium

Perianth Keel

The two united petals of a papilionaceous flower; any structure ridged like the bottom of a boat.

Perianth Ligule

The strap-shaped portion of a ray or ligulate corolla.Perianth Ligule

Perianth Limb

Expanded portion of corolla or calyx above the tube, throat or claw.Perianth Limb

Perianth Lip or Labellum

Either of two variously shaped parts into which a corolla or calyx is divided, usually into an upper and lower lip, as in the Lamiaceae and Orchidaceae.Perianth Lip or Labellum

Perianth Lobe

Any, usually rounded, segment or part of the perianth.

Perianth Lodicule

Abortive perianth part in the Poaceae; hyaline scales at base of ovary in the Poaceae.Perianth Lodicule

Perianth Palate

The raised area in the throat of a sympetalous corolla.Perianth Palate

Perianth Pappus

Bristly or scaly calyx in the Asteraceae.Perianth Pappus

Perianth Petal

A corolla member or segment; a unit of the corolla.Perianth Petal

Perianth Posterior Lobe

The lobe next to axis, away from the subtending bract; adaxial lobe.Perianth Posterior Lobe

Perianth Posterior Ridges, Lines, Grooves

The lines, grooves, ridges in or on the ventral side, adaxial, within the perianth.Perianth Posterior Ridges, Lines, Grooves

Perianth Pouch or Sac

A bag-shaped structure.Perianth Pouch or Sac

Perianth Scale

Small, scarious to coriaceous flattened bodies within the perianth, as in the Cyperaceae and Asteraceae.Perianth Scale

Perianth Sepal

A calyx member or segment; a unit of the calyx.Perianth Sepal

Perianth Spur

A tubular or pointed projection from the perianth.Perianth Spur

Perianth Standard, Banner, or Vexillum

The upper, usually wide petal in a papilionaceous corolla.Perianth Standard, Banner, or Vexillum

Perianth Tepal

A member or segment of perianth in which the parts are not differentiated into distinct sepals and petals.Perianth Tepal

Perianth Throat

An open, expanded tube in the perianth.

Perianth Tube

The cylindrical part of the perianth.Perianth Tube

Perianth Types

Classification based primarily on fusion of parts.

Perianth Ventral Side

Top side or upper side of a perianth part.Perianth Ventral Side

Perianth Wing

Lateral petals, as in the Fabaceae; a flattened extension, appendage or projection from a perianth part.

Personate Perianth

Two-lipped with the upper arched and the lower protruding into corolla throat.Personate Perianth

Rotate Perianth

Wheel-shaped, with short tube and wide limb at right angles to tube.Rotate Perianth

Saccate Perianth

Pouch-like.Saccate Perianth

Salverform Perianth

Trumpet-shaped. With slender tube and limb nearly at right angles to tube.Salverform Perianth

Subglobose Perianth

Almost round or spherical.Subglobose Perianth

Sympetalous Perianth

With fused petals.

Synsepalous Perianth

With fused sepals.

Tubular Perianth

Cylindrical.Tubular Perianth

Unguiculate Perianth

Clawed.Unguiculate Perianth

Urceolate Perianth

Urn-shaped.Urceolate Perianth

Ventricose Perianth

Inflated on one side near the middle.

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