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Absent Hypanthium Adnation

No hypanthium present.

Adnate Hypanthium Adnation

Hypanthium completely fused to ovary.

Free Hypanthium Adnation

Hypanthium surrounding but completely free from the ovary.

Free-adnate Hypanthium Adnation

Hypanthium fused with ovary and having a free limb around or above ovary.


The fused or coalesced basal portion of floral parts (sepals, petals, stamens) forming an envelope around the ovary.Hypanthium

Hypanthium Adnation

Based on fusion with ovary.

Hypanthium Base

Bottom or lower portion of the hypanthium.

Hypanthium Limb

Free, flared portion of the hypanthium.

Hypanthium Neck

Narrowed portion of hypanthium, between the base and a flared limb.

Hypanthium Tube or Casing

Cylindrical part of the hypanthium.

Partly adnate Hypanthium Adnation

Hypanthium adnate to part of the ovary and with no free limb or tube.

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